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Centium eChannel System (eCS) – Auto Route and Assign messages coming from multiple electronic channels (e.g. Emails, Twitter, SMS, facebook, Fax and other messages). Maximize the Power of the eCS with Dynamic Routing and Assignment of Service Requests.

You can be assured that the Centium eCS feature set will accommodate your department's requirements to fulfil the request more efficiently and effectively.


What is Centium eChannel System?
CENTIUM eCS helps you manage and ensure efficiency in managing and responding to customer electronic messages (e.g. Emails, Twitter, SMS, facebook, Fax and other messages). All incoming messages are received in a central location where they are assigned and routed to the appropriate person or department using rules and conditions that reflect your company's workflow and processes.

With every incoming electronic message, tickets are automatically created and assigned a unique ID number. All follow-up correspondence is stored with that record, ensuring that any agents who respond to customers have the complete history at his or her fingertips.
Designed for busy customer service, help desk and sales departments, eCS routes, tracks and deliver customer correspondence quickly and efficiently.


Centium eChannel System Features

Multiple Accounts: Create multiple eCS accounts like Emails, Twitter, SMS, facebook, and Fax line.

Group/Individual Accounts: Create Custom Domain addresses that can be accessed be groups and/or individuals.

HTML: Design custom, professional emails with an easy to use built in HTML editor.

Multiple Domain Support: Manage messages from multiple domain names/accounts.

Message Backups: Avoid loss of important messages, all messages are backed up automatically by the Centium eCS System. Avoiding from you or your customer from loosing important emails.

Auto Respond: Auto respondents, thrill your customers by creating automatic responds to show how efficient your customer service center is.

Work Schedules: Not all agents work in the same work schedule or shifts. Define support agent's work schedules and it auto handled by eCS engine, there will be no flag an agent as "out of office" when on vacation or sick. There is no need to assign a ticket to a support agent who is not working!

Ticket Routing System:  Route Tickets from specific customers to specific agents. eCS preferences allow for configuration to automatically route, assign service requests, and effectively follow with support. This automation reduces or eliminates a wait-time for manual trouble ticket assignment by your agents.


Centium eChannel System Benefits

- Gain instant service efficiencies by virtually eliminating manual assignment of trouble tickets.

- Use intelligent business logic routing that fits your organization’s operations.

- Utilized customer support agent’s skill-sets and availability for trouble ticket assignment.

- One-Click Auto Routing during ticket reassignment scenarios.



Centium eChannel System Reports
Centium eCS consists of ten most effective and useful reports, which help you to trace your mail correspondence.

- Agent Ticket History – will generate and display the evolution of ticket status and actions taken on the ticket number.

- Agent Productivity – will display the record of the agent activity base on the date and calculate the total number of time productivity.

- Agent Daily Ticket Status and Backlog – the report will display the daily ticket status with backlog information.

- Ticket Backlog – the report will generate the number of ticket have been backlogging in a day.

- Agent Evaluation Report – this report will display agent evaluation, which evaluated by the supervisor on their performance.

- Ticket Turn Around - it will generate a report based on Hour/Minute/Second time was allocated by the ticket number in a day with two format detail and summary.

- Ticket Turn Around Details - it will generate a report based on the Year/Month number of the day taken to resolved ticket with two format detail and summary.

- User Monthly Report - display information on monthly activities on leave taken and public holidays in calendar form.

- Team Report - generate details on total routed, number of email resolved and percentage base year and month by agent ID.

- Ticket Details – generate full ticket details base on date/time received, receive from, subject, and status of the ticket number.

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